Item Donations

Individuals making item donations

Individuals making item donations

Continual development of BEECH CREEK GARDENS will take a significant amount of resources. We encourage, and gladly accept donations from all people and organizations that believe in our mission and would like to support our efforts.

There are times when we have the need for specific items to help complete individual projects, as well as general-use items used in the everday operation of BEECH CREEK.

Both specific request and general-use items are listed below. If you believe you have items that we could use and would like to possibly donate them, please fill out the information below so that we can contact you.


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PLEASE, do not drop off item donations without making arrangements with a BEECH CREEK member. This will ensure that your item(s) can be used to further our mission, and we do not incur costs for disposing of unusable items.

I / We would like to donate the following items:

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REQUESTED items (check all that apply):

[contact-field label=’Wood Chipper’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Utility / Golf Cart’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Lawn Tractor w/ Mowing Deck’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Generator’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Arts / Craft Supplies’ type=’checkbox’/]

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GENERAL-USE items (check all that apply):

[contact-field label=’Landscape / Hardscape Materials’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Construction / Remodeling Materials’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Water Feature / Pond Supplies’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Indoor / Outdoor Furniture’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Office Equipment / Supplies’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Garden / Hand Tools’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Appliances’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Other’ type=’checkbox’/]

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