Our Vision & Goals

A supportive membership and dedicated group of volunteers is essential to the success of BEECH CREEK GARDENS. We need both new and sustaining members at every level of financial support, as well as volunteers to work on committees, provide labor or materials, staff community events, and share their expert advice or skills.

OUR MISSIONFamily Walking In The Park

 We believe that quality of life and the health of the environment are interdependent and that an understanding of nature improves the lives of individuals.

We provide educational opportunities and interactive experiences that inspire people to be good stewards of their communities and the world.

Education is one of our Primary Goals, with a strong emphasis on educating our youth. We desire to teach people about environmental issues to encourage beneficial stewardship of the environment and inspire a love of nature.  We provide educational opportunities and interactive experiences that inspire people to be good stewards of their communities and the world.




Whether it be field trip experiences,camps,classes, or seminars, Beech Creek excels at educating young and old through programs that explore plant and environmental issues and encourage beneficial stewardship of the environment as well as inspire a lasting love of nature.



Maintaining and preserving 175 diverse acres of beautiful woodlands,streams,and open meadows assures a beautiful green space for our visitors and offers a healthy habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. Protecting our many native species of plants, trees, and wildflowers allows them to be enjoyed today and by future generations.



Recreational activities at Beech Creek change with the seasons but something can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Hikers and photographers enjoy the continual changes that nature provides. There are opportunities for fun and enjoyment for all ages. Visitors can choose to join planned activities or enjoy the outdoors in peace and solitude.


A few minutes connecting with nature can lessen stress, refocus our attention,
and hasten healing. Beech Creek is a place that offers these opportunities to others in the hope that they will understand the importance of this connection and be inspired to be better stewards of our environment, and to pass this inspiration on to others.


New General Admission to Beech Creek Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve

We have a new general park admission for the grounds here at Beech Creek Botanical Garden. We are basically asking that if people care about the gardens, trails, and facilities, that they help us to take care of them. Most people think that we are funded with tax dollars, but we do not receive any tax dollars. We are an independent non-profit organization and receive our funding from membership dues, fundraisers, and donations. We are very grateful for these revenue sources, however, they are barely adequate to sustain us. Grants are written for special projects, so all grant monies are designated for those projects – they do not help fund our daily operating expenses.

The general admission fee will change seasonally, depending on how much there is for visitors to explore and do. We believe the cost is very reasonable comparatively, yet will go a long way in helping us become more sustainable.

If the fee is an obstacle – we encourage getting a Family Membership. It is only $50 for an entire year and grants free admission to everyone who lives in your household. This is a great way for families on a limited budget to have access to the grounds and facilities at an affordable rate.

The leadership at Beech Creek Gardens is committed to creating a self-sustaining organization, and truly believe that this policy change will go a long way to ensure that Beech Creek Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve continues to thrive now and for future generations. Thank you for your understanding and support.



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