Critter Tuesday


Summertime Event

Join us on 2nd  Tuesday  at 1 pm

June 13, July 11 and Aug 8


as we welcome visitors from

Clover Field Wildlife Center

Clover Field Wildlife Care, Inc. is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation facility dedicated to the healing of injured and orphaned wild animals.

Some animals that come to the care facility can not be returned to the wild and become an education ambassador to help the public learn about their needs.

Come and enjoy these visitors and get to see them up close.

We will meet under the pavilion in front of the Visitors Center

This event is included in your General Admission to the preserve,
but we do ask that you consider bringing a donation for Clover Field Wildlife Center.

Things they need:

*Raw, unsalted nuts, acorns, and sunflower seeds-shelled, unshelled
*Non-clumping cat litter
*Purina Cat/Kitten Chow
*Purina Puppy Chow
*Timothy Hay
*Towels-all sizes
*Baby receiving blankets
*Bungee chords
*Paper towels
*Dish soap
*High efficiency liquid laundry detergent
*Heating pads (no automatic shut off)
*Pet Supplies Plus
*Tractor Supply
*Home Depot
*Mohler Lumber
*Giant Eagle