Summer Adventure Camp

Summer Adventure Camp
‘Amazing Nature Exploration’

This program offers activities that will nurture an awareness of
and an appreciation for the environment in school-age children.

2018 Adventure Camp

Great one day adventures for ages 7 – 12

June 13  ~  August 15

Camp Fee:
$320 (all 10 Wednesdays) or $35 per day   Non-member
$270 (all 10 Wednesdays) or $30 per day  BC Members
(Sign up for all 10 days & save $30.00)

2018 Adventure Camp Info

Call with questions  330-829-7050   (Nancy or Melinda)

The camp fosters teamwork and mutual respect for one another. Children also enjoy traditional summer day camp activities such as games, arts, crafts, skits, silly songs, and special guests.

Here is an idea of how we will fill your day at Beech Creek:

  • Welcome and introduction to the day’s topic
  • Pack up and head out to explore or prepare for a special guest
  • Back to clean up and lunch
  • Outdoor games
  • Topic-specific art project
  • Snack and quiet time
  • End of day activity related to the topic
  • Pack up to head home

2018 Adventure Camp Topic for the Day

Keep checking back – some topics are still in the works!

June 13 – Let’s Rock! – Do you like rocks like I do?  NO!  – well come and join me and I will help you learn to love rocks too.  Ohio geology is so interesting and there are so many exciting things to learn from rocks – really!  We will find our “special” rock, crack rocks open, stack rocks, make rock critters and learn how to use gravity to make stone sculptures.  PLUS – you will get to explore our NEW Natures playground today which includes a Rock Mountain for climbing.

June 20 –

June 27 – Insects & Spiders – Arthropoda, a huge group of organisms that include insects and spiders.  BUT,  there is a difference between them and you will learn what that is.   You will put together a “Collectors Kit” then venture through the various Beech Creek habitats with Miss Nancy collecting insects and spiders.  You will take a very close look at your collection using magnifiers and microscopes, take some pictures and find out some interesting facts about the critters you have collected.

 July 3 – TBA 

July 11 –   Hey, let’s get wet!  –  You will be the first group to explore and work in the new Creekside Center for Water Science.  We will sample the Beech Creek water, do some testing to find out how healthy it is, walk a tributary to see where it goes and check for critter habitats.  You will get wet today so come prepared.  Old shoes are required so plan ahead and hang on to that pair of old tennies!

July 18 – Salamanders, Crayfish and wiggle worms! –  Another day in the water!  This time we will be checking out several areas of the Beech Creek to look specifically for crayfish and salamanders.  We will capture, and later release, whatever we find so we can get a close look at these amazing critters.   This is going to be a  wonderful, wiggly, day!

July 25 –  TBA

Aug 1 –  Give a hoot about Owls! –  A visit from the Stark Parks Live Owls, owl pellet dissecting, owl mask making and learning to hoot will fill our day.  We will walk the Fern Ridge trail and check out the owl roosting area too. Hoot!

Aug 8 –  Ohio Wildlife Day – Today is critter day with  Kristen Beck from Clover-field Wildlife Center and her Malone University students. They will bring critters to share with us today – yes, live critters – snakes, turtles, raccoons, opossum and a few surprises too.  Don’t miss this one! Bring your camera!  Plus we will spend some time in the Caterpillar Nursery and Butterfly House.

Aug 15 – TBA

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