Summer Adventure Camp

Summer Adventure Camp
‘Amazing Nature Exploration’

This program offers activities to nurture an awareness of
and an appreciation for the environment in school-age children.

2017 Adventure Camp                            IMG_2446

Wednesdays, 9:30am – 3:30pm
June 14  ~  August 16

Camp Fee:
$290 (all 10 Wednesdays) or  $32 per day   Non-member
$240 (all 10 Wednesdays) or  $27 per day  BC Members
(Sign up for all 10 days & save $30.00)

Great one day adventures for ages 7 – 12 years old.

Camp Flier               Camp Registration Forms

Call with questions  330-829-7050   (Nancy or Melinda)

The camp fosters teamwork and mutual respect for one another. Children also enjoy traditional summer day camp activities such as games, arts, crafts, skits, silly songs, and special guests.

Here is an idea of how we will fill your day at Beech Creek:

  • Welcome and introduction to the day’s topic
  • Pack up and head out to explore or prepare for a special guest
  • Back for clean up and lunch
  • Outdoor games
  • Topic specific art project
  • Snack and quiet time
  • End of day activity related to the topic
  • Pack up to head home

2017 Adventure Camp Topic for the Day

Keep checking back – some topics are still in the works!

June 14 – Butterflies & Moths – You will take a close look at the Butterflies & Moths in our Butterfly house exploring the details (similarities and differences) of these two beautiful creatures.  You will learn how to collect and mount your own butterflies and moths and you will explore the meadow for more critter excitement.  Respect and preservation are top priorities so you will also learn the secrets of good observation skills and habitat protection. Bring your camera!

June 21 – Let’s Rock! – Do you like rocks like I like rocks?  NO! well come and join me and let me help you love rocks too.  Ohio geology is so interesting and there are so many exciting things to learn from rocks – really!  We will find our “special” rock, crack rocks open, stack rocks, make rock critters and learn how to use gravity to make stone sculptures.  We will explore the natural process of rock sorting along the Beech Creek and learn how to identify some basic Ohio rocks.  Some real “solid” fun.

June 28 – Insects & Spiders – Arthropoda, a huge group of organisms that include insects and spiders BUT there is a difference between them and you will learn what that is.   You will put together a “Collectors Kit” then venture through the various habitats with Miss Nancy collecting insects and spiders.  You will take a very close look at your collection using magnifiers and microscopes, take some pictures and find out some interesting facts about the critters you have collected.

 July 5 – Mud Pies, Dirt Pudding, Soil Surprises – Can you dig it? – We will spend the day exploring 4 different locations that have some surprises buried underground.  Using soil science tools campers will investigate the secrets of soil.  We will collect different soil types, investigate the critters that live in the soil and make some mud pies.  Later we will put together a “Dirt Pudding” for you to take home and share.  The soil is so interesting and fun to explore. so please join me in this fun, get “dirty” kind of day.

July 12 –   Hey, let’s get wet!  –  You are going to explore the Beech Creek today looking at the many aspects of the creek, how it flows; twist, turn, fast,slow ( you’ll make a boat and chart its journey) – how the rocks and stones collect along the edges (you’ll collect some interesting stones and driftwood) – what might be in the water at different locations ( you’ll capture some critters) and you will do a little water chemistry using science tools.

July 19 – Salamanders, Crayfish and wiggle worms! –  Another wet day of fun!

This time we will be checking out several areas of the Beech Creek to look specifically for crayfish and salamanders.  We will capture, and later release, whatever we can so we can get a good look at these amazing critters.  We will also do some water data collecting so we know some facts about the condition of the water they live in and we will learn about the water requirements of all the living things that share our local environment.  This is going to be a  wonderful, wiggly, day!

July 26 –  Erin’s Day –  Our assistant camp leader Erin has some surprises in store for us today.   We will be exploring, playing games, collecting, taking pictures and creating something really fun to take home.  We always have fun at camp but today will be really special.

Aug 2 – For the Birds! – There are birds all around us here at Beech Creek so you won’t have to look too hard to find some very interesting and beautiful examples.  You will get to hand feed the chickadees, or maybe the hummingbirds and build a bird house.  You will learn how to ID some of the most common backyard birds by sight and by their call.  You will go on a hike through the woods and grass areas to look for bird nests, and feathers and watch the birds feed on insects, seeds, and grasses.   You will do some science experiments to help you understand how birds fly and you will make a bird kite.  What a fun filled day for the birds!

Aug 9 – Solar Explorer – The USA is the site for one of the most exciting astronomical events of the year – a total solar eclipse.  We will do some fun “sun” related activities, learn how to safely view the eclipse, make a pocket sundial to use on our hike and play with shadows – and this is just the beginning!  If the day is sunny enough we will make a solar cooker to make smores and create “sun” catchers.  Bring your sunscreen!

Aug 16 – Ohio Wildlife Day – We saved the best for last! Today is critter day and we have a morning planned that will thrill you to no end.  Kristen Beck and her Malone University students will be bringing critters to visit with us today – yes these are live critters – snakes, turtles, raccoons, opossum and a few surprises too.  Don’t miss this one! After you get to visit with the critters you will go on a habitat scavenger hunt, you will get to explore almost all of the 175 acres at Beech Creek – whew!  Bring your camera!

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