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Beech Creek Gardens is located on a 164 acre site in Stark County’s Washington Township, in the heart of northeastern Ohio.  With easy access from State Route 62, we are located at 11929 Beech St. NE  ~  Alliance, OH 44601.

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Reviewed December 1, 2012 || Visited July 2012

We’ve been to several butterfly gardens in major cities, but this one was really great. Not only did they have the butterflies that you could watch eating or hold on your hand, but they also had the caterpillars on the plants that the butterfly comes from. How many times have you found a caterpillar and wondered what he’ll turn into?! Here you could see both versions! One bush was crawling with one type of caterpillar of various sizes because they start small and eat and eat until they get bigger to prepare for becoming a butterfly. Really well done.


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