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Keeping our membership growing is vital to the long-term success of BEECH CREEK GARDENS.  We need and encourage membership at every level of support.

Membership dues are used to help fund the improvement of the property, educational and outreach programs, and community-based events.  Members make up a large portion of the volunteers who actively contribute to meeting our goals and are often the folks who staff our special events.

Available Membership Levels:

Please consider joining or renewing your membership at any of the following levels


  • Student ~ $20
  • Individual ~$30
  • Family ~$50
  • Friend ~$100
  • Patron ~$250
  • Benefactor ~$500


To Become a Member:

  1. Determine membership level you would like to participate at from the list.
  2. Write us a short note by mail identifying your preferred level.
    {NOTE:  a membership request form will be available soon}
  3. Send a check or your credit card information with your membership dues (and membership note) to the address below.
  4. Please DO NOT send cash.

Make Checks Payable & Mail To:

Beech Creek Gardens
11929 Beech St NE Alliance, OH 44601

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