Volunteer Opportunities

A supportive membership and dedicated group of volunteers is essential to the success of BEECH CREEK GARDENS.  We need both members and volunteers to work on committees, provide labor or materials, staff community events, and share their expert advice or skills.

If you want an opportunity to “get out of the house”, do something outdoors, or do something that benefits others, we have numerous volunteer opportunities for you.  Anyone that believe in our mission and would like to help support us by volunteering are encouraged to do so.

DID YOU KNOW?? Once a month, volunteers are treated to a home-cooked, hot meal for lunch, including beverage and dessert

Volunteer support can be provided in many ways, such as:

providing information to visitors at an attraction or event;
providing knowledge, expertise, or labor on a development project;
developing programs or events to attract members of the community to visit us;
helping maintain or enhance existing attractions features, or programs.

Companies and organizations (such as schools, scout troops, church groups, garden clubs, etc.) may often have the same interests or concerns as individuals. They may wish to sponsor or organize a larger volunteer effort. In the past, some organizations have organized a group volunteer day as a way to build teamwork, develop leadership skills, and provide community service.


These opportunities typically involve general skills like site maintenance or administrative-type tasks. Expectations of these type of volunteers are of a general, “whatever needs to be done” nature.

Every Tuesday and Friday (except holidays) Volunteers are welcome to come and help with an assortment of projects.
Please email or call 1 to 2 days before to let us know that you are coming.

Volunteers may come in anytime between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, stay as long as you wish.


These opportunities typically involve various skills that are used to support a lead volunteer or BEECH CREEK GARDENS member in the maintenance (ongoing development) or presentation of a specific program.

This type of volunteering allows the individual (or group) to participate in something that they have specific knowledge of or interest in.

An assortment of talents, skills, and experience is always helpful, but we can train you also!


These opportunities typically involve various skills that are used to support a large, community-based special event sponsored or conducted by BEECH CREEK GARDENS.

These types of events usually require a planning committee and numerous individuals for the event day(s).

These opportunities are often initiated by individuals or organizations that are familiar with our mission, goals and projects, but have their own ideas and suggestions on how they might be able to help.

These types of opportunities occur when those who wish to volunteer have a particular interest, cause, or concern that is not currently being sponsored or facilitated by BEECH CREEK GARDENS


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