Seed Swap

Seed Swap
March 6, 2016


Swapping seeds is a significant way to
celebrate, conserve, and promote plant diversity.



One of the goals of our seed swap is to connect gardeners with local farmers, students, educators, and other gardeners. We encourage these community members to exchange seeds, stories, tips, and other information.

In some cases participants share seeds of heirloom vegetables, fruits, and flowers grown in their families for generations; for these, the goal is to help preserve these plant species.

Our hope is that our seed swap, and others across the country
will encourage people to collect, grow, and share
heirloom seeds, which will support the conservation
and preservation of endangered garden and
food crop heritage for future generations.

Seed Swappers will also enjoy:

* Educational Exhibits
* Educational Handouts
* Seed Demonstrations
* Seed Resources
* Children’s Activities
* Community Networking