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May 1 - June 6, 2021

Monday-Saturday 10 am-4 pm & Sunday 12-5 pm

Art in Bloom ~ Explore Nature in Balance

This spring's Art In Bloom exhibit features all the things in Balance!

Immerse yourself in color and fragrance with this annual art exhibit featuring unique outdoor artwork by Ohio artists intermixed with thousands of beautiful spring flowers. This Spring Flower & Art Exhibit is a “horticultural art gallery” of color and fragrance. Explore our gardens and trails as you discover unique artwork highlighting many local artists. While visiting, enjoy creating your own art project in the hands-on, make & take art studio. This is a fantastic event for the whole family! Come stroll through the gardens and be inspired! ​

Come explore and experience balance this spring at Beech Creek Gardens

What's Happening:

  • Creative art exhibits

  • Challenging interactive activities

  • Beautiful Gardens

  • Have fun learning

  • Clear your mind while hiking a trail

  • Environmental Science Center

  • Critters Up-close



General Admission is $8 per person for ages 3 and older

Members and children 2 and under receive free admission

Please note: For groups of 10 or more, please make a group reservation.

  - Nature Heals -

 Mind, Body, Soul

    Get Outside

Art in Bloom Spring Flower and Art Exhibit yellow graphic with purple flower

Positive Benefits of Connecting with Nature

  • Peace

  • Stability

  • Harmony

Learn and Experience Balance in:

  • The environment - nature

  • Biodiversity

  • Mental

  • Physical

  • Emotions

  • Physics

  • Sound

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

We need artists!

Celebrate spring's arrival and help support education and preservation of the environment by exhibiting & selling your works during our “Art in Bloom” exhibit. We will not take any commission on works sold and may be able to help you transport your art, depending on the size.

Art In Bloom features several different types of artworks displayed in the gardens around our property. We display art from individuals, schools, colleges, other organizations, and more. 

We’d like to invite you and any club/organization you are affiliated with to participate in this year's Art in Bloom event! We can assist with ideas or you can come up with your own! Art displays must be able to be kept outside for the entirety of the exhibit. 

Art in Bloom marks the opening of the grounds for the spring season. This event draws hundreds of people in the community together and participating is a great way to connect with the locals and display your art! All participants will receive a free admission pass to explore & enjoy our grounds!

Contact Christian Carmichael with any questions at


Open to all artists whose work is already suitable for outdoor exhibition or are willing to waterproof canvas art.


April 12, 2021 (Let us know that you are planning to exhibit your art)

Download Artist Agreement


May 1–June 6, 2021 (Dates that your art will be on display)

What is Art in Bloom?

Art in Bloom is an annual outdoor art exhibit where we display works from northeast Ohio artists throughout our gardens. The artwork is on display for the entire 6-week exhibition period.

Is Art in Bloom open to all artists regardless of age, experience, and location?

Yes, all artists are welcome to participate.

Is there a limit to how much work one artist can display?

No, there is not a limit.

Does my artwork need to have nature-based subject matter?

No. There is no specific subject matter that is required, even though many artists do submit works that are nature-based, but in the past, we've had metal sculptures, photography and other works with subject matters that were not nature-related. The only restriction on subject matter is that the art must be appropriate for public viewing.

I do photography and/or paintings on canvas. Am I eligible to participate?

Yes, although all art must be able to be outside and withstand the weather for the entire 6-week exhibition period. So with paintings and photography, you could apply some kind of weather-proof coating to a canvas and then it could be displayed outside. We recommend using at least 5 coats of exterior polyurethane.

How can I waterproof my photography and/or paintings?

For outdoor display, it is best to have your photography printed on canvas. To waterproof canvas (after your painting is complete), we recommend using at least 5 coats of exterior polyurethane.

Will there be a jurying process for the artwork to select what will be displayed?

Yes. After we receive your application, there is a jurying process where we review all the applications and select the specific artists/works that we wish to display as part of the exhibit. Artists will be notified if their artwork is accepted.

Will artists be responsible for providing their own display materials?

We will do our best to facilitate the “display” of each piece, however if your pieces require any special apparatus, we would greatly appreciate the artist's assistance and/or advice.

Will the works from participating artists be for sale and if so, does Beech Creek Gardens take commission?

Artists may sell their pieces, but we request that buyers do not acquire the pieces until after the Art in Bloom exhibit concludes for the season. Beech Creek Gardens does not plan to take commissions on works sold in 2020, though donations are always welcomed. Prices for art pieces (if applicable) and a quantity of each artist’s business cards will be kept at our Visitor Center counter and made available to all buyer inquiries. Potential buyers will contact artists directly. We will not facilitate any sales of artwork.

How many people will see my artwork?

Our Art in Bloom exhibit attracts more than 1,200 visitors throughout the 6-week exhibition period.

How do I participate as an artist?

Complete the Artist Agreement and return it to Beech Creek Gardens by mail, e-mail or by dropping off the form in-person at our Visitor Center.

When will I find out if my artwork has been accepted?

After we receive your Artist Agreement, we will review your application and select the specific works that we wish to display as part of the exhibit. Artists will be contacted within one week of us receiving their application and be notified if their artwork has been accepted.

Artists FAQs

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