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Thank you for attending Bird in Hand in 2021!

Read below about what our 2021 event was like, so you can plan for next year!

Bird in Hand is now better than ever!


Cool Adventures!

Outdoor Family Fun at Beech Creek Gardens

January 2 through February 28, 2021

Saturday & Sunday  12-4 pm

Bundle Up, Get Outside, Explore, Enjoy, Connect

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Try your hand at hand-feeding wild birds!

Experience the thrill of hand-feeding wild chickadees and other birds! Over the years, our patient volunteers have trained these wild birds to feed from human hands. Our skilled volunteers are on-hand to teach you how to hand-feed wild birds using a special food blend of seeds and nuts.

The birds feed best on colder days or when the ground is snow-covered.

Helpful Tip!

Birds that are willing to hand-feed:

Black-capped Chickadee sitting on tree branch

Black-capped Chickadee


They love to hide seeds and other food items to eat later. Each item is placed in a different spot and the chickadee can remember thousands of hiding places.

Tufted Titmouse


This species is related to the chickadee & features a bold crest atop their head. They love using fur to line their nests, plucking fur from both living & dead animals.

Red-breasted Nuthatch


Nuthatches are often seen hopping down trees head first. Unlike their white-breasted relative, this species features a black stripe across the eyes.

White-breasted Nuthatch


This species is also often seen moving upside down. The name "nuthatch" comes from the habit of wedging seeds & nuts into bark crevices to hack them open with their bill.

Additional Activity Areas

  • Scavenger Hunt
    Enjoy the fresh winter air as you search for scavenger hunt clues on the woodland trails!

  • Engineering with Nature
    Creatively stack tree slices to build impressive towers, inspired by the Dr. Seuss story Yertle the Turtle. 

  • Nature Playground
    Help your kids burn off excess energy by running, jumping & crawling on the 2-acre Nature Playce (weather permitting).

  • Tasty Treats
    Enjoy complimentary hot cocoa and roast marshmallows at a warm outdoor fire.

  • Cool Critters
    Check out all the interesting animals inside the Amazing Garden Plant Science Center.

  • Let's Jump!
    Can you jump like a rabbit? Or run as fast as a squirrel? Have fun moving like animals do!

  • Gravity Glue
    Try out your rock balancing skills with this challenging activity that combines art, physics & nature.

  • In the Life of a Tree
    Learn about dendrochronology by answering engaging questions about a tree's incredible life.

  • Can You Freeze?
    Enjoy this "frozen" photo op and learn about animals that must freeze in order to survive cold weather.

  • Can You Find?
    Enjoy this life size seek & find game by searching for forest critters in a woodland scene.

Plus, our on-site wildlife partner, Raptor Hallow Sanctuary, will display a live owl or hawk for visitors to see up-close!

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