Entrance to the Butterfly House and Caterpillar Nursery


June 7 - September 12, 2021

Monday-Saturday 10 am-4 pm & Sunday 12-5 pm

About the Caterpillar Nursery

  • Observe 21 species of native Ohio caterpillars as they eat and grow

  • Learn about more than 30 species of host plants on which these pollinators lay their eggs

  • Discover caterpillars in every stage of their life cycle, from egg to larva to pupa.

  • Learn how to correctly identify different caterpillar species and their adult butterfly stage.

  • Enjoy caterpillar-related activities for the whole family


Please note: For groups of 10 or more, please make a group reservation here [LINK].

A young visitor observes a caterpillar as it feeds.

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