Jan 8 through May 1, 2022

Wed-Sat 10-5pm & Sun  12-4 pm

Bundle Up, Get Outside, Explore, Enjoy, Connect

Admission Info

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Activity Areas

  • Hand Feed the Chickadees
    Come experience the thrill of hand-feeding wild birds.
    Volunteers are available to coach you, a campfire helps
    to keep you warm, enjoy hot cocoa & roasting marshmallows.

Bird in Hand 1 - Compressed.png
  • Wildlife Habitats
    Kids have fun learning about animal habitats while constructing birds’ nests, beaver homes & crayfish castles!

Image by Luke Brugger
  • Lichens Adventure Hunt ‘Become Microbial Explorers!
    Immerse your family in the world of small as you explore our trails hunting for & learning about
    these magical organisms.

Image by Minna Autio
  • Fort Building
    Kids LOVE building forts. Teach them about habitats for humans by challenging them to consider
    our basic needs in their design. Have fun watching them use natural materials to create their new home!

Image by Daniel Spase
Image by Luke Michael
  • Finding North 
    Enjoy great family fun with this hiking game - while helping your children build orientation &
    navigation skills.

Image by Kayan Baby
  • Animal paw-print ID Challenge
    Kids love finding & guessing animal foot-prints.
    Have fun seeing how good your children are at guessing which prints belong to whom with this
    paw-print ID challenge!

  • Wildlife up-close
    Enjoy seeing turtles, macaws, sugar gliders & more inside our Amazing Garden Science Center &
    interact with birds of prey presented by Raptor Hallow Sanctuary.

  • Grass-head Gardening ~ Free Make & Take
    Kids have fun making their very own grass-head. They will have a blast watching the hair (grass)
    grow! Kids will learn about plant science & improve their responsibility skills. Adding live plants to their room will help decrease their winter blues, lessen stress, and improve air quality!

Image by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg
  • Roasting Marshmallows & Hot Cocoa
    Enjoy toasted marshmallows & sweet hot chocolate as you explore our cool adventures!

Girl Eating Marshmallows
  • Hibernating Critter Exploration

        Where do all the wildlife critters go in          winter? Are they safe? Are they                      warm?  Are they surviving? ​Have fun            exploring the woods, looking for                  critters hibernating & learning the                answers to these questions!