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Group of kids looking at a turtle


Thank you for attending Critter Features in 2020!

Read below about what our 2020 event was like, so you can plan for next year!

Introducing our new

Critter Features!

Due to COVID-19, we have revamped our educational critter program with more opportunities for learning all summer long!​​

June 15 - August 27, 2020
Mondays & Thursdays
Presentations occur at 10:30 am, 12:30 pm & 2:30 pm

(Each presentation will last approximately 20 minutes)

See, learn, and experience wildlife up close!
Each day of Critter Features, a wildlife expert will share an amazing wild animal with our visitors. The experts will engage you in learning about these incredible critters and teach you ways to protect them and their habitats.

Be surprised by a different animal each day!
The featured critters could be anything from our own collection of reptiles, amphibians & native Ohio animals to exotic birds & unique mammals from other wildlife organizations!

This event is included with general admission.

While visiting, be sure to explore the entire nature preserve, including the Butterfly House, Caterpillar Nursery, Amazing Garden, botanical gardens, hiking trails and more!


Although this event is included with general admission, please consider bringing a donation for one of our wildlife partners or for our resident animals inside the Amazing Garden Plant Science Center. 


Our Wildlife Partners

Clover Field Wildlife Care, Inc. is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation facility dedicated to the healing of injured and orphaned wild animals. Some animals that come to the care facility cannot be returned to the wild and become an education ambassador to help the public learn about their needs.

Things they need:

*Raw, unsalted nuts, acorns, and sunflower seeds-shelled, unshelled
*Non-clumping cat litter
*Purina Cat/Kitten Chow
*Purina Puppy Chow
*Timothy Hay
*Towels-all sizes
*Baby receiving blankets
*Bungee chords
*Paper towels
*Dish soap
*High efficiency liquid laundry detergent
*Heating pads (no automatic shut off)
*Pet Supplies Plus
*Tractor Supply
*Home Depot
*Mohler Lumber
*Giant Eagle

Critter Features- Hand holding a Salamander
Critter Features- Parrot
Critter Features- Black and yellow Turtle

Our Amazing Garden Plant Science Center is a 2,000 square foot conservatory which houses more than a dozen different species of animals, including native Ohio animals that were raised in captivity and cannot be released back into the wild, and also many exotic animals native to Australia, South America and other parts of the world. All of the animals inside the Amazing Garden serve as educational ambassadors.

Things we need:

*Pine rabbit bedding

*Plain rabbit food without treats

*Reptamin Aquatic Food

*Pond fish sticks

*Goldfish food

*Cat food
*Pet Supplies Plus

Raptor Hallow Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that provides refuge for birds of prey, reptiles, mammals, and other birds that are unable to be released back into the wild, so instead they help educate the public as animal ambassadors. Raptor Hallow was founded by Joshua Kuszmaul in 2015 with a mission of providing wildlife encounters for all ages and educating about habitat preservation & wildlife conservation.

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