Beech Creek Gardens & Nature Preserve is dedicated to educating people of all ages about plants and caring for the environment by promoting gardening, agriculture, nature preservation, and plant conservation.

We hope to encourage stewardship of the environment by providing a place where you can explore, enjoy, learn, and be inspired to seek a better understanding of the way the earth system works.

Educational Opportunities

  • Interactive displays that encourage individuals to get up close with the natural environment

  • Horticultural training, job experience, and internship opportunities for high school and college level students

  • Opportunities for research projects in the fields of:

    • Biology​

    • Ecology

    • Engineering

    • And more!

  • Formal and informal horticultural classes for all ages and experience levels

  • Group field trip programs

    • Schools​

    • Scout Troops

    • Clubs


Current Outreach Programs

  • The Amazing Garden Plant Exploratorium & Learning Trails School Field Trip Program

  • UPSIDE Ohio – Using Plants for Science Instruction & Diverse Education