To help everyone discover the natural beauty of our nature preserve, several hiking trails have been installed throughout the property. The trails vary in length and may require different levels of physical ability. Some portions of the trails may have steep grades or contain rough ground.

These are the first of several planned trails designed to attract outdoor hiking enthusiasts. Future trails are being designed to accommodate various hiking skills and degrees of difficulty, while preserving the ability to observe all of the natural beauty of the property.

The trails are free to members and can be hiked year-round from dawn to dusk. Feel free to bring your pet (on a leash please) or other hiking enthusiasts along with you. All we request is that you do not litter the trails by cleaning up after your pet and disposing of any trash in the receptacles at the main driveway entrance to Beech Creek Gardens.

If you are not a Beech Creek member, there is a general admission fee to our property, which includes access to the hiking trails. Please check in at the Visitor Center [LINK] before you start your hike. Thank you!

Download our Trail Map [LINK] before heading out to hike.

Current Hiking Trails

Main Path

Almost all of our hiking trailheads can only be accessed from the gravel road that weaves through our immediate property. This gravel road transitions into a dirt path after crossing the Hoover Bridge, as you walk beside a tributary of Beech Creek. The gravel road/dirt path is very wide and can accommodate wheelchairs and strollers. A perfect path for a gentle and relaxing stroll through the woods.



Degree of Difficulty

The gravel road is a continuation of the driveway of the main entrance to our property.

About 1/2 mile, one way.

Easy. An average person walking at a steady pace should be able to complete the path one way in 10 to 15 minutes.


Heading west across the Hoover Bridge, past the bird feeding stations, continue west approximately 300 feet. Trailhead entrance will be to the north side of the path.

About 1 mile, round trip.

Moderate. An average person walking at a steady pace should be able to complete the trail in 40 to 50 minutes.

Fern Ridge Trail

The most naturally diverse hiking trail at Beech Creek is Fern Ridge. As you walk along, you move from one type of habitat to another. Enjoy walking the beautiful ridge overlooking the stream, and walking in areas surrounded with lush green ferns. In early spring, this is the best trail for seeing Ohio’s beautiful state wildflower the White Trillium and many other beautiful and interesting wildflowers.



Degree of Difficulty




Degree of Difficulty

Spicebush Trail

As you begin walking on this trail, you will encounter numerous spicebush shrubs throughout the woods. You will cross a couple stream tributaries and then emerge into an open meadow.

Approximately 100 feet before crossing the Hoover Bridge. Trailhead entrance is on the north side of the path.

About 1/2 mile, round trip.

Moderate. An average person walking at a steady pace should be able to complete the trail in 25 to 30 minutes.


Oakview Trail

This circular trail offers visitors a beautiful hike in the woods. Enjoy this peaceful trail while resting at one of the benches nestled along the way. If you love hiking, but are short on time, Oakview trail is just the right length – give yourself 45 minutes to an hour to complete this trail at a leisurely pace, starting at the Visitor Center, to Hoover bridge, to Oakview trail and back.

West of the bird feeding stations on the west side of the Hoover Bridge over Beech Creek. Trailhead entrance will be on the south side of the trail starting with the Oakview bridge.

About 3/4 mile, round trip.

Moderate. An average person walking at a steady pace should be able to complete the trail in 30 minutes.



Degree of Difficulty


Creekside Trail

Creekside leads you along the beautiful stream across bridges, around curves, and near a wetland area. This trail connects the Visitor Center with the Hoover Bridge trailhead area.

Facing west from the Visitor Center, the trailhead is approximately 50 feet to the left of the red brick path.

About 1/5 mile, round trip.

The slope at the trail head is steep. Not an easy access for mobility challenged individuals. An average person walking at a steady pace should be able to complete the trail in 3 to 5 minutes.



Degree of Difficulty


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