Open Hours: 

General Admission: $12.00 (0-2 yrs free)

Monday-Saturday: 10am-4pm

Sunday: 12PM - 5 PM

(As always, members have access to the grounds after hours)

We are open year-round, though our hours, admission, & exhibits change seasonally. 

Areas Currently Available

Open during Public Hours

  • Nature Playce playground

  • Raptor Hallow Sanctuary "Wild Wonders"

  • Amazing Garden Plant and Animal Science Center

  • Logs o' Fun playground

  • Hiking Trails

  • Picnic Areas

Open for Rentals

  • Woodland Pavilion

  • Wildlife Deck

  • Secret Garden​


We offer free on-site parking. Handicapped parking is available near the Visitor Center.


Most areas are wheelchair/walker/stroller accessible except the hiking trails.


Food & Beverage

We have pre-packaged snacks and beverages for sale in our Visitor Center, such as chips, cookies, crackers, fruits snacks, bottled water, soda, and tea.

Pet Policy

Pets are always welcome on our grounds, but except the butterfly house or Raptor Hallow Sanctuary. We do ask that you have them on a leash and clean up after them.

New - Pets are prohibited from entering Raptor Hallow Sanctuary, as the birds are easily spooked by the dogs. 

Smoking Policy

We are a 100% smoke-free establishment, including e-cigarettes. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on our grounds except the main parking lot.

Nature Camps

The winter, spring and summer day camps will not affect your visit in any capacity. The small group of campers do most of their activities in areas on the grounds not accessible to regular visitors.

Member Information

Members have access to the grounds every day from dawn to dusk. If the Visitor Center is unlocked, please sign in and get wristbands. If the Visitor Center is locked, you do not have to sign in, but please have your badge displayed at all times.  Please do not share your membership pass or bring guests. This hurts us financially. 

Group Tours

For groups of 10 or more, please call ahead for reservations. Click here to view the detailed Group Reservation Form. We do not offer group discounts at this time.

Holiday Hours

We are closed on New Year's Day, Easter Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  Our open days and hours change seasonally. Please make sure to check out our website for our current hours before arriving.

2022 - 2023 General Admission Cost Schedule


Please note: Hours and General Admission change seasonally. See below for general hours and admission costs.

January 2 - February 27, 2022

General Admission: $8.00 (0-2 yrs free)

Saturday & Sunday: 12PM - 4PM

Monday thru Friday: Closed (as always, members have access to the grounds)

February 28  - May 1, 202
General Admission: $8.00  (0-2 yrs free)

Wednesday thru Saturday: 10AM - 4 PM

Sunday: 12-4 PM

May 2 - June 5 12, 2022

General Admission: $11.00  (0-2 yrs free)

Monday thru Saturday: 10AM - 4 PM

Sunday: 12-4 PM

June 6 - September 11, 2022

General Admission: $12.00 (0-2 yrs free)  

Monday thru Saturday: 10AM - 4 PM

Sunday: 12-5PM

September 12 - October 6, 2022

General Admission: $8.00 (0-2 yrs free)  

Wednesday thru Saturday: 10AM - 2PM

Sunday: 12-4 PM

Monday thru Tuesday: Closed (as always, members have access to the grounds)

Spooky Science Admission: $12.00 (0-2 yrs free), Members: $7.00 (0-2 yrs free)
Friday & Saturday: 5-9 PM

October 7 - October 22

General Admission: $8.00 (0-2 yrs free)  

Wednesday/Thursday: 10AM - 4 PM

Friday/Saturday 10AM - 2PM,

Sunday: 12-4 PM

Monday & Tuesday: Closed (as always, members have access to the grounds)

October 22nd

Octobeerfest Run

Registration Fee is required

Saturday 11am-2pm

October 23 - November 24
General Admission: $8.00 (0-2 yrs free)

Wednesday thru Saturday: 10AM - 4PM 

Sunday 12-4PM:   

November 25, - December 29 

Nature's A-Glow 

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 5PM - 9PM

General Admission: $12.00 Members: $6.00

 Office is closed Christmas Day & New Year's Day

Notes for the 2022 Season

  • Trails are open for hiking during hours listed above – General Admission DOES apply.

  • Membership includes FREE general admission to the preserve for a year, and access to the hiking trails daily from dawn to dusk.

  • Plant & gift shop sales – Admission to these areas is FREE. You do not need to pay an admission fee to shop.

  • Senior discount is for ages 65 and older, and is $1 off general admission.

  • There are fees for reserving or renting the Wildlife Observation Deck, Wildlife Pavilion, Community Room, and Secret Garden. Please contact us if you are interested in using these areas for a special event or occasion.

  • There is no additional admission fee for any of our attractions, the General Admission paid for the “park” includes all areas to explore.


One Price - Access to Everything!

(General Admission cost is per person and includes

access to all available areas/exhibits)

General Admission

General Admission       $12


Members & children     Free
ages 2 & younger

(ages 3 & older)

Through Sept 11, 2022

At this time, advanced tickets are not required for general admission. Purchase your daily pass upon arrival at the Visitor Center before exploring the grounds.

Special event admission costs may be different than seasonal general admission costs. 

We accept cash, credit card, and check.

Due to our transaction fees, there is a $10 minimum to use a credit card.

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(330) 829-7050

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