Give a little, get a lot & help save Beech Creek Gardens!

Every succulent design has something gathered

from the forest at Beech Creek Gardens.

For how little they need to thrive, succulents are remarkably giving. They . . .

  •  Purify the air.

  •  Help you sleep.

  •  Keep you healthy.

  •  Boost your mood.

  •  Improve your memory


Research has shown that succulents can help cleanse and dehumidify the air, the increased oxygen helps deter illnesses

like colds and flus, boost healing by lowering anxiety, fatigue,

pain and allows you to enter into a deeper, more restful sleep.

Further research tells us that connecting with plants increases productivity, boosts your mood, and improves attention span

and memory by up to 20%.


We believe that succulents are little Super Powers for the environment and our quality of life!


  • They produce oxygen day & night.

  •  They preserve the consumption of water.

  •  They improve our mental & physical health.



What else is pretty amazing is that all of this is exactly why Beech

Creek Gardens exists! ​To help people connect with nature, boost mental & physical health, and educate visitors on the environment.

COVID-19 has placed us in a fiscal crisis. We have launched this “Succulents Gone Wild” fundraising campaign to extend our mission of helping to improve your quality of life by offering you these succulent Super Powers for your home and to raise much-needed funds to help keep us open.

We have a hefty goal of raising $200,000 with this campaign! Please help us by ordering your Succulent Super Powers today & purchasing more as gifts to share with your friends, family, and co-workers.


Each succulent design comes with an educational and inspiring gift

card explaining the science-backed benefits of succulents, the importance of our connection with nature to our overall health and

well-being, along with detailed plant care instructions to keep your succulents happy, healthy & thriving.

Please share this fundraising campaign with others in your network. 

We need thousands of orders to help us reach our goal of $200,000. Thank you so much!

We’ve Gone “Wild” With Succulents!

As a thank you for your generous contribution you will receive a piece of Beech Creek that you can bring home!

Volunteers and staff have been gathering beautiful pieces of natural art from our forest floor and creatively combining them with succulent plants for beautiful, artful, and unique designs for your home.

Dish Gardens: $35.00

Size: 4" x 10"

These beautiful, low-maintenance gardens can be placed anywhere in

or around your home. They need minimal care. Designed with a variety of interesting and colorful succulent species. To make the gardens

even more unique, each is enhanced with an assortment of rocks,

moss, bark, and branches from Beech Creek Gardens’ forest. Comes

with its own gift card & plant care instructions. 

Living Log Planter: $40.00

Size: 17" x 5"

One of our favorite designs—as this design can be used almost anywhere, as a centerpiece, on a deck railing, on a windowsill, along a gardens edge, or stone wall, etc. Beautiful succulents of contrasting colors and textures are enhanced by the unique logs and moss gathered from our own forest floor.

Vintage Terra-Cotta Pot

Vintage Rosette

Size - 3.25" x 4.25”


A beautiful specimen of a Sempervivum rosette planted in a “seasoned” vintage terra-cotta pot. Enhanced by a bit of bark and rocks gathered from our own forest floor.

Vintage Trio


Size - 4.5" x 5”


A trio of contrasting colors and textures planted in a “seasoned” vintage terra-cotta pot. Enhanced by a bit of bark and rocks gathered from our own forest floor.

Nature's Masterpiece Collection

Each piece in this section is one of a kind!

Prices & sizes vary


Go completely wild for one of our very special pieces of living art from nature! Hand selected tree stump, twisted log, or other really cool pieces found on our forest floor—cleaned out and creatively planted full of beautiful succulents—Wow! Each one truly is one-of-a-kind! So creative, so beautiful and easy to care for. Select one of our sizes of "Custom Masterpieces" and we will surprise you with a special design created just for you!



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Beech Creek Gardens is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that operates on a 181-acre site in Stark County’s Washington Township in the heart of northeast Ohio. We provide educational opportunities and interactive experiences that inspire people to be good stewards of their communities and the world. 

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