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Gone Wild


We believe that succulents are little Super Powers for the environment and for our quality of life!

Your Support Makes an Impact

If donating $100 or more, click the link below to donate through the Greater Alliance Foundation and they will donate a 5% match!

$20 Provides 1 student the opportunity to experience & learn about nature through our Environmental Education school field trip program.

$50 - Will feed our African Spurred Tortoise "Sherman" for one-month.

$100 - Will support raising 10 Native Butterflies.

$250 Will give a 1-year family membership to 2 low-income families.


$500 Will help us maintain Nature Playce for one month.


$1,000 - Will provide plantings for our Butterfly Garden for this season.


Future Enhancements

Environmental Education: In 2023 over 2,700 students participated in our school field trip program. Expanding our program will help us instruct and inspire the next generation!

Accessible Trails: We have already developed nearly a half mile of wheelchair accessible nature trails. In 2024 and 2025 we plan to install even more trails for wheelchair accessibility.  

Conservation Initiatives: Through partnerships with local conservation organizations, we have protected and preserved endangered plant species, safeguarding biodiversity for future generations.

Garden Improvements: With your support, we have
revitalized several garden areas, creating enchanting spaces for visitors to explore and discover the wonders of the natural world.


Current Grant Projects

Woven - Outdoor Art Museum

Visit Canton’s Cultural Tourism Grant: Using weaving, we are teaching history, architecture, culture, and art. We are helping people to see how we are all interconnected with nature, and with each other  Opening April 6, 2024.

Songbird Aviary - Wings of Wonder

Visit Canton’s Destination Enhancement Grant: With funding assistance from Visit Canton, and in a collaboration with Raptor Hallow Sanctuary. We are constructing a new 3.000 sf, walk-through aviary designed to teach about the importance of preserving three natural habitats which songbirds need to survive; woodlands, grasslands, & wetlands.

Opening May 4, 2024.

Nature Therapy

FedEx Critical Care Grant: With initial funding from FedEx, and in collaboration with Pathways Caring for Children, Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health, CommQuest, and the Blick Center of Akron we have began developing a new mental wellness program. This program is targeted for students 12-18 years old that struggle with depression and mental wellness. Our goal is to implement this new program during the Summer of 2024.


Coloring Pages 

Help spread awareness of our campaign using our "Nature in Color" coloring pages.

We created special coloring pages for children and adults to help bolster our campaign. Download the pages here and post the colored pages on Facebook with our hashtag #countdowntospring

Girl Coloring
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