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Outdoor Art Museum

Coming This Summer

Here at Beech Creek Gardens we are working on our very own

Woven Outdoor Art Museum! 

Opening June 5

Where It's Starting


Where It's Going


‘Woven’ is designed for visitors to walk through, to touch, to explore, to see in and out and through it into the surrounding landscape. Weaving together art, culture, architecture, history, and nature.


Beech Creek Gardens believes that a connection between art and nature is undeniable, this interactive exhibit will highlight that connection and inspire people to appreciate the beauty of the Earth's naturally designed works of art.


An interactive exhibit, as visitors are invited to share in the culture and creativity by creating their own woven art
pieces and hanging them on the interior walls of the structure.

All life exists in a intricately woven balance.

Keep Up with Our Progress

Stay updated with us as we continue weaving our outdoor art museum in the gardens!

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