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ADA Accessible Transport Cart 

Funded by


Accessible Nature

We are so excited to offer accessibility for thousands of people living with paralysis and other mobility restrictions. This new transport vehicle allows accessibility to all our attractions & exhibit areas!

Making an Impact

Every day at Beech Creek Gardens we witness first-hand the positive impact that spending time in nature has on people from all walks of life, their emotions, mental health, and overall quality of life.


We believe that people living with paralysis should also be able to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy the benefits of increased quality of life.


Connecting With Nature

We believe passionately that a connection with nature is a powerful tool in improving one’s quality of life. Making the world a better place and immersing people in nature for their health benefits is one of our primary reasons for existence.


We are so grateful to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation for helping us to make our exhibits accessible for all!

Volunteer Opportunity

Do you like driving a golf cart?
Do you like people?
Do you love being outdoors in nature?

Then we have the perfect

volunteer opportunity for you!

We are in need of drivers for our ADA Transport Cart. Please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator at


Make a Donation

Beech Creek Gardens has started a special fund “Access to Nature” to help us continue to improve additional hiking trails for ADA Accessibility, to help us maintain our new ADA Transport vehicle and hopefully purchase a motorized wheelchair or two.


Make a Donation To Beech Creek Gardens &
designate your funds to our
“Access to Nature” fund.

(A custom amount can be entered for donations.)

Donate Access to Nature
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