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Summer Camps 
Outdoor Fun

Dates & Details

Ages: 7-12

Dates: Wednesdays & Thursdays (June - August)

Time: 9:30am to 3:30pm

Price: $70 ($63 for Members)

Members use code: Summer

(Membership will be checked)

Snack provided

A Typical Day at Camp

Arrival (9:30am - 3:30pm)

Welcome and introductions to our education team while we prep to head out on our adventure.

Adventure Time

Every camp has its own unique theme. The education team will lead kids in fun nature activities that tie in the theme of the day. Food is provided mid-day, followed by free time at Nature Playce. 

Head for Home (3:30pm - 4:00pm)

Our day at camp will end at 3:30pm. Parents and guardians may  pick up their campers at 3:35pm.   

Camp 13_Birds.JPG

What to Wear and Bring

Bring: Healthy lunch, water bottle, pump or lotion insect repellent (recommendations), and backpack (label all items with camper's name).


Clothing: We recommend campers wear comfortable, rugged clothes & shoes that can get muddy, or grass & dirt stained. Dress for the weather (layers are best), bring extra socks, and wear hiking boots or shoes. On water days, a change of clothing is recommended for the afternoon.

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Cancelation Policy

Please contact us ASAP if your child will be unable to attend camp. Notice of cancellation must be received at least 14 days prior to the scheduled camp date to receive a refund. You will be refunded the camp fee minus a $20 processing fee. No refunds will be issued with less than 14 business days notice. Beech Creek Gardens will only cancel a camp due to severe weather warnings and extremely high winds.


June 12/13 


Discover all the creatures that call Beech Creek home and even some that don’t!


We’ll explore Raptor Hallow Sanctuary, learn all about endangered species, and discover different ways we can help our wildlife friends.

DSCN9502 (2) (2).JPG

Art in Nature

June 19/20


From weaving intricate patterns with natural materials to sculpting masterpieces from clay found in the wilderness, campers will immerse themselves in a world of artistic discovery.


We'll capture the essence of the landscape through vibrant painting sessions, creating our own interpretations of the natural beauty that surrounds us. 

DSCN9218 (2).JPG

Summer Olympics

June 26/27


Dive into a summer of athleticism, camaraderie, and fun at our Summer Olympics Camp for children! Get ready to experience the thrill of competition as your child learns the fundamentals of various Olympic sports.


Campers will enjoy team-building activities, arts and crafts, and educational sessions highlighting the values of sportsmanship and determination.


Crayfish Day

July 10/11


Get ready for the ultimate adventure with everyone's favorite camp day – Crayfish Day! Join us as we wade into the cool waters of the creek to embark on an exciting quest to catch crayfish and discover other fascinating aquatic critters.


Armed with nets and buckets, campers will channel their inner explorers as they carefully navigate the rocky streambeds in search of these elusive crustaceans. Plan to get wet!

Camp 5_Crayfish.JPG

What’s in the Pond?

July 17/18


Join us as we unveil the mysteries of our newly renovated pond and uncover the fascinating creatures that call it home. From darting invertebrates to graceful frogs, campers will have the opportunity to observe and learn about the diverse aquatic life thriving in our aquatic ecosystem.


Participants will also become environmental scientists for the day, conducting water testing to ensure the health and vitality of our pond habitat. 

DSCN9703 (2).JPG

Treasures in the Stream

July 24/25


Explore hidden treasures nestled along our creek's rocky banks! From smooth pebbles to shimmering quartz, campers will uncover the secrets of Ohio's geological wonders under the guidance of our expert naturalists.


Get ready to channel your inner artist as we collect our own rocks to decorate and personalize, creating unique keepsakes to cherish forever. Whether you're a budding geologist or simply love nature's beauty, this immersive experience promises fun and excitement for all. Secure your spot now and prepare for a day of exploration, creativity, and unforgettable memories!

Camp 3_Hike (2) - Compressed.JPG

Minerals & Geodes

July 31/Aug 1


Unearth the wonders of Ohio's geological heritage through hands-on exploration. Led by our education staff, campers will embark on a journey of discovery, learning about the formation processes and unique properties of various minerals found in Ohio.


Participants will have the thrilling opportunity to sift through sediment and uncover their very own crystals to take home as cherished souvenirs. 

Camp 6_Rocks (2).JPG

Get Buggy!

August 7/8



Delve into the wonders of our native insect species as we learn about their habitats, behaviors, and crucial roles in our ecosystem. Campers will also discover the challenges posed by invasive insects and their impact on native wildlife.


Get up close and personal with our resident insects, myriapods, and arachnids as we delve into hands-on activities and interactive learning experiences. From catching and preserving insects for scientific study to observing them in their natural habitats, participants will gain valuable insights into the intricate world of entomology. 

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