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Visitor Guidlines


  • Please do not enter flowerbeds, plant displays, or mulched areas.

  • Remain on the pathways and grassy turf at all times.

  • No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the Garden.

  • Do not disturb or remove plants, plant labels, or containers.

  • Do not move benches, displays, fences, etc.

  • Do not block entrances, pathways, or Garden areas for use by others in any way.

  • All cords or wires must be placed and guarded in a way that doesn’t alter the pathways and put Garden visitors at risk.

  • For the safety of others, drone photography is not allowed on the grounds.

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We consider any visitor that is paying or is paid for photos, "professional photography" and to follow these steps.

  1. Complete our Photography Agreement.

  2. Call ahead before a photo shoot.

  3. General Admission is required for anyone on the grounds.

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