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Close-up of a butterfly feeding from a flower.


Celebrating 20 Years of...

Education ~ Recreation ~ Preservation ~ Inspiration

Our Vision

To develop an institution which is a locally treasured and globally renowned source of beauty and education. A place which makes a positive impact to our quality of life, celebrating the importance of plants in a sustainable world. 


  • Creating dynamic attractions, programs, and services which are relevant to the interests and lives of a broad audience. 

  • Educating diverse youth and adult audiences about critical issues related to the interdependence of plants and people. 

  • Contributing to economic development and workforce training. 

  • Developing and supporting community gardens, urban greening and growing food for the hungry.

  • Being a model of best sustainable practices.

  • Conducting relevant research studies on water, soil, plants and the environment 

  • Participating in the educational STEAM Initiative. (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) 

  • Educating people about our native plants and animal wildlife and the unique habitats they need to survive. 

  • Being financially secure, having the resources to reach our goals and sustain us for the future.

Young girl in winter feeding a bird from her hand.
Young boys looking and touching a plant.
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