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Programs & Areas

We have many different areas throughout the grounds for visitors to explore and we offer many wonderful programs throughout the year that encourage learning, mindfulness, and growth.


Over 34,700 people visit our facility yearly. Check out some of our areas in need of support below.

Donate Towards a Program

We are a nonprofit organization and do not receive money from taxes.

Butterfly House

Offering hands-on educational experiences and the opportunity to feed the 23 species of native Northeastern Ohio butterflies, moths, and skippers, the Butterfly House is a fan favorite.


Help support the upkeep and growth of the Butterfly House by donating to this exhibit today.


Caterpillar Nursery

Where do all those butterflies come from that you can encounter in the Butterfly House? The Nursery! The Caterpillar Nursery offers visitors the chance to learn about the growth phases of butterflies and about the plants that are important to these extremely valuable pollinators.


Nature Playce

The nearly 2-acre natural playground offers hours of interactive fun for the whole family.


We are always looking to make improvements and additions to the Nature Playce. Your support can help us reach our goals.


The Amazing Garden

Our educational facility integrates literature, math, music, art, and science to help children and adults experience and understand their relationship with plants, the earth, and their local environment.


Your support can help us maintain and grow our educational opportunities housed in The Amazing Garden.


Field Trips

Beech Creek Gardens had over 2,000 students experience our school field trip program. The field trips offer a wide variety of topics that align with school curriculums and expand the learning experience outside of the classroom.


Your support can help cover the transportation cost of bringing students out to us and contribute to the cost of materials used during the fieldtrips. 

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Day Camps

Camps at Beech Creek Gardens are offered throughout the year and provide children with an exceptional learning experience, and they’ll have a ton of fun in the process. 


Your support can help us grow these programs and add to the experiences available to the participants.

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Accessible Trails

In partnership with 53 Accessible Alliance and the Greater Alliance Foundation we have nearly half a mile of wheelchair accessible trails.

Your support can help us continue to expand our accessible trail efforts and make nature more available to all.

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Wings of Wonder Aviary

The Aviary is home to a variety of birds and houses three separate ecosystems including grassland, woodland, and wetland.

Your support can help us feed our birds and maintain a proper environment.

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