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A supportive membership and dedicated group of volunteers is essential to the success of BEECH CREEK GARDENS. We need both new and sustaining members at every level of financial support, as well as volunteers to work on committees, provide labor or materials, staff community events, and share their expert advice or skills.

As we continue to expand the attractions, educational programs, and community events, we can use all the help we can get.  Our expansion is facilitated by awards, grants, fundraising activities, donations, and proceeds from operations (such as workshop or symposium fees, merchandise sales, event admissions, etc.).  Almost all of the work done at BEECH CREEK GARDENS is performed by volunteers.


Please Consider becoming a MEMBER, making a DONATION, or becoming a VOLUNTEER



OUR VISIONFamily Walking In The Park


We believe that quality of life and the health of the environment are interdependent and that an understanding of nature improves the lives of individuals.





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