Two young girls creating slime.

October 1-30, 2021

Friday & Saturday Evenings


Thank you for attending Spooky Science in 2020!

Read below about what our 2020 event was like, so you can plan for next year!

Family-friendly fun education about nature!


What a perfect time of year to celebrate and educate about the natural world! Spooky Science is about teaching people in a fun and creative environment about all the things in nature that can "spook or creep" you out, like spiders, snakes, and bats.


Easily practice social distancing while exploring our newly designed “Experience Areas”! Through dozens of interactive activity stations, celebrate and learn about the science of Harry Potter in a non-scary family-friendly environment.


We explain the mysteries of nature and dispel fear with knowledge and understanding. Enjoy the fall season in a fun and unique way by bringing the whole family to Spooky Science at Beech Creek Gardens!

Mask Policy

As per state requirements, masks are required in our indoor areas which include the Visitor Center where admission tickets are purchased/redeemed and our Creekside Center for Water Science where the Energy & Levitation experience area is located. There may be other Experience Areas where masks are suggested, but no required.


Note to Members

We are closed Sunday through Tuesday during Spooky Science season, though as always,  members have access to the grounds. Free general admission is closed to members during Spooky Science hours.  


Spooky Science

Non-Members                $10

Members                        $7

Children ages                 Free

2 & younger

(ages 3 & older)

We accept cash, credit card, and check.

Due to our transaction fees, there is a $10 minimum to use a credit card.

Spooky Science

Learn the science of

Harry Potter

Non-Scary, Family Friendly, Outdoor Activities

Use your Marauder's Map to explore!

  • Energy & Levitation

  • Invisible Maze

  • Mine for Gems

  • Magical Potions

  • Deans Forest

  • Diagon Alley

  • Sorting Hat

  • Platform 9 3/4

  • Professor Sprout's Greenhouse

  • Pensieve of Hogwarts

  • Forbidden Forest

  • Aragog & Friends

Meet the new Raptors & other woodland animals while exploring the Forbidden Forest Trail!
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An independent non-profit organization

Spooky Science is NOT about Halloween.

​"Our goal is to offer opportunities for families to explore, experience, enjoy, and learn about nature in a fun and creative way."

~ Melinda Carmichael
Executive Director of Beech Creek Gardens


Literally the best fall event I've EVER taken my kids to. Hours and hours of fun, well worth the drive. Acres and acres of things to do.

 — Eric H.

​"We want children & adults to learn about the things in nature that scare them, so that they care about helping to preserve those things & learn how to respect them."

~ Melinda Carmichael
Executive Director of Beech Creek Gardens