Two young girls creating slime.

October 1-30, 2021

Friday & Saturday Evenings


Activity Stations

  • Enchanted Trees

  • Wicked Plant Conservatory 

  • Hidden Secrets of Nature

  • Nature's Vibrations

  • Seeing is Believing

  • Eft Exploration

  • Incredible Insect Gallery

  • Bioluminescence Trail  

  • Dragonfly Creek

  • Fantastic Frogs & Toads

  • Super Spiders

  • Magical Muck

  • Loveable Legs


Spooky Science

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Members                        $7

Children ages                 Free

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(ages 3 & older)

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Come and discover so many of the not-so-spooky nature secrets hidden beneath our noses!

Special Presentations

Every Night

What Makes Owls and Vultures Unique!

From the tips of their ears to the pit of their stomachs, learn about the adaptations that make these raptors amazing! 

By The Wild Wonders Team at Raptor Hallow Sanctuary

The Raptor Hallow Keeper Talks and different fun, educational activities are available every night of Spooky Science!

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Enchanted Trees

Can trees communicate? Take a walk down the Enchanted Tree Trail and feel the connection they have with each other.

Nature's Vibrations

The world around us is constantly in motion. See how your movements cause a reaction somewhere else!

Incredible Insect Gallery

Insects are so tiny, they have to be simply made.. Right? Wrong! Learn all about the incredible intricacy of some of the smallest insects. It’s sure to blow your mind, just like it did ours!!

Fantastic Frogs and Toads

Can you match the correct footprint to the frog or toad? Take a walk down Painted Lady Trail and give it your best shot. Also learn all about toads and frogs! How are they different? How are they the same?

Loveable Legs

Take a walk below our giant Daddy Long Leg Spider on your way in. He has a fun message for you, to remind you that he's not so spooky after all!

Wicked Plant Conservatory

Plants have many different uses in everyday life, from providing food, shelter and oxygen, to being given as gifts and decorations. However, not all of them are good for us. Learn about these not-so-friendly plants as you make your way through the conservatory.

Seeing is Believing 

Are germs important? How do they spread? You'd only believe how easy it is to spread germs once you see it!

Bioluminescence Trail

How do lightning bugs light up? Visit the Bioluminescence Trail and learn all about it. While you’re there, build a fairy house that is suited for your fairy friends!

Super Spiders

Believe it or not, spiders are our friends! Learn all about the amazing things spiders do for us everyday, turning your fear into fantastic!

Hidden Secrets of Nature

There are many nature secrets hidden below our noses! Learn all of the secrets of the world you can’t see!

Eft Exploration

Creep through our dark tunnel in search of the salamanders that are hiding from you! Shine a flashlight and see how many you find!

Dragonfly Creek

Come and see Dragonflies and Damselflies that are larger than real life! Learn all about them and their slight, but interesting differences!

Magical Muck

Dig deep in our clay troughs in search for some creepy critters that are so cool they become your friends! Learn all about their habitat and why it’s important for them to survive!

Spooky Science is NOT about Halloween.

​"Our goal is to offer opportunities for families to explore, experience, enjoy, and learn about nature in a fun and creative way."

~ Melinda Carmichael
Executive Director of Beech Creek Gardens

Family-friendly fun education about nature!


What a perfect time of year to celebrate and educate about the natural world. Come discover the magical secrets it hides right beneath our noses!


Spooky Science is about teaching people in a fun and creative environment about all the things in nature that can "spook or creep" you out, like spiders, snakes, and bats.

We explain the mysteries of nature and dispel fear with knowledge and understanding. Celebrate the fall season in a fun and unique way by bringing the whole family to Spooky Science at Beech Creek Gardens!

Mask Policy

As per state guidelines, masks are recommended in our indoor areas which include the Visitor Center where the gift shop is located and our Creekside Center for Water Sciences. Most experience areas are outdoors where masks are not required and social distancing is easy.


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​"We want children & adults to learn about the things in nature that scare them, so that they care about helping to preserve those things & learn how to respect them."

~ Melinda Carmichael
Executive Director of Beech Creek Gardens


Literally the best fall event I've EVER taken my kids to. Hours and hours of fun, well worth the drive. Acres and acres of things to do.

 — Eric H.