botanical garden


April - October

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Hummingbird Garden

A visit to our Hummingbird Garden is a relaxing and exciting experience. Dozens of different plant species attract the ruby-throated hummingbird morning, afternoon, and evening.

Secret Garden

Those who enjoy a quiet walk in the woods, surrounded by beautiful flowers and a trickling fountain, will love our Secret Garden. This quiet, peaceful garden was designed to facilitate events, including outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Potager Garden

The enclosed area of this historic French style garden incorporates the growing of vegetables, flowers, fruit, and herbs in an artistic fashion.

Sensory Garden

Designed to stimulate the senses of adults, children and especially the handicapped, this raised bed Sensory Garden provides experiences with plants for heightened sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. 

Butterfly Garden

Surrounding our butterfly house and filled with plants and flowers  that attract numerous butterfly species, this garden is always full of beauty and life.

Rock Garden

Positioned on a steep slope near the butterfly house, tough drought resistant plants and attractive rocks are artfully arranged. Here, one can observe plants that bring a natural, rugged beauty to the landscape.