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Summer Flower Garden Planters

Memorial day Weekend Sale

Memorial Day weekend get 25% off our Summer Combination Planters with an additional 10% off for Members! 


Each planter includes a great variety of summer flowering plants, a few colorful butterflies and a Card which includes flower plant care instructions. 

Planters must be purchased in person at the visitors center.

#1 Bowl 10 inch.jpg

$20.00-25% Summer Serenade (10” Dish Garden)

A combination of colorful and easy to grow flowers, providing beauty and pleasure!

#1 Dish 12 inch.jpg

$30.00-25% Butterfly Banquet (12” Dish Garden)

Count on butterflies visiting daily with this delightful combination of pollinator magnets. Our design features a minimum of 3 butterfly favored nectar sources.

#1 Hg Basket .jpg

$40.00-25% Nature’s Wonders (14” Hanging Basket)

This beautiful hanging basket has been designed with naturally strong and prolific
blooming flowers guaranteed to give a long-running show! The wire basket with coco liner adds to the charm of this beautiful container garden.

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