Organization Overview

Beech Creek Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve
is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which began in 1999 as a grass roots effort by a small group of individuals.

This group desired to teach people- especially our youth- about plants and the environment,
to preserve land, and to establish a botanical garden and nature preserve.

Annual Report – 2015

We are located
in Northeast Ohio, in Stark County near the city of Alliance, one mile east of State Route 62,
at 11929 Beech Street.

We own 175 acres
of beautiful and diverse land. Our name is based on the important headwater stream known
as Beech Creek that runs through our woodlands and meadows.


We are funded
by charitable donations, membership dues, admissions, and nature store and plant sales that contribute to our operating budget.

We write grants for some programs and for the facility development. These grant funds are designed to their specific projects.



Beech Creek Gardens is located on a 175 acre site in Stark County’s Washington Township, in the heart of northeastern Ohio.  The site has some outstanding features including Beech Creek, for which the property is named.

The Beech Creek is a headwater tributary of the Mahoning River and crosses the property.   Prior water quality tests were rated good to excellent. The terrain and vegetation are diverse with approximately 70% of the land being forested, and over 150 species of native plants.



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