School Field Trip Program

Young school age girls visiting the Amazing Garden

visiting the Amazing Garden

Amazing Garden Learning Trails Field Trip Program

  • Scheduling opens Monday, Feb.5,2018 – call 330-829-7050 or email:
  • Available most week days early April thru mid June and the month of September- call for details
  • 2018 Fee $5/per student
  •  Group size – 25 students min. – 75 students max. (groups over 75 can be accommodated with some adjustment to the program)
  • Programs are designed to provide a 3 hr. comprehensive learning experience usually 9 am to 1 pm including a lunch break.  Adjustments to this schedule are always possible.  Let us know about your specific needs when you contact us to schedule a visit.
  • The majority of the Learning Trail areas are handicap accessible.
  • Picnic tables outdoors are available for lunch (we now have a picnic shelter that can accommodate your group during inclement weather)
  • Students, teachers, and chaperones will go out on the trail even in the rain so please dress for the weather – we will not go on the trail if a storm is threatening.

Download the Program flyer BC Learning Trails 2018

Download a Learning Trails Participation Form BC Field Trip Participation Form

What are Learning Trails?

Learning trails are field trip programs that are designed to address specific learning needs.  These programs include onsite, topic-specific instruction aligned to the current Ohio Revised Science Standards and Model Curriculum.

During a typical Learning Trail Field Trip, students are immersed in a variety of topic-specific lessons and activities. The time spent at our facility is divided into three 55 minute sessions.

The three sessions include:

  1. Guided instruction in the Amazing Garden – where students interact with the learning stations and enjoy songs and stories with Professor Culpepper in the Amazing Garden Plant Exploratorium
  2. On the Trails – where students participate in a guided trail walk that includes field work specific to their learning topic
  3. Integrated Learning – in the Visitor Center students participate in an arts-related activity designed to extend the understanding of the science through artistic expression. This is the student’s opportunity to create an art project that summarizes the topic they have investigated

Current Learning Trail Topics

Soil – We can’t live without it!

This program is designed to provide students with a hands-on experience dealing with soils.  Students will complete a modified soil characterization, collect soil temperature and moisture data and sort out the components (soil,rocks, roots, critters) that make up the soil sample. When time permits, several samples are collected and a comparison of the soil is done between groups. During this investigation, particular attention is drawn to the interaction between the biotic (living) and abiotic(nonliving) components of an ecosystem.  Read more…


Ohio Native Plants

This program is designed to provide students with a hands-on, inquiry experience working with and identifying Ohio native plants.  Students will also explore the critical role that native plants play in the health and welbeing of their local environment by looking at the interactions between native plants, soils, and animals. Read more…



nbc_trail3Living Things

Living things require energy, water and a particular range of temperatures in their environments. This program is designed to provide students with a hands-on, inquiry experience working with plants and other organisms that depend on each other for survival, taking into account that nothing can exist in isolation. Read more…


Sensitive PlantLife Cycles

This program is designed to provide students with a hands-on, inquiry experience working with plants and animals to observe and identify the physical features of life stages and the relation of those stages to their environment. Read more…



stoneflowerChanging Surface

There are many reasons why the Earths surface changes and some of them, like floods and volcanos, can be catastrophic.  However, changes occur around us daily that, over time, impact the local environment that supports our way of life.  This program takes a look at the more subtle ways the Earths surface changes.  We will explore the power of plants, the power of a summer rain or winter snow, and the activity of animals, including humans, that constantly contribute to the ever-changing earth surface. Read more…

Fossils Then & Now!

Fossils provide evidence that many plant and animal species are extinct and that many species have changed over time.  We will take a close look at some local fossil evidence using hand lenses and microscopes to search for details.  Then we will explore the landscape at Beech Creek to find similar plant life.  Read more…




Blaze Your Own Trail

This program gives you the freedom to design a visit to fit your specific needs.  You tell us what you would like to cover and we will help build a program to do just that.  Read more…



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