UPSIDE Ohio – Using Plants for Science Instruction & Diverse Education

Beech Creek supplies the grow lab, soil, journals, curriculum & a science instructor that goes out to the schools.

This program integrates music, art, and literature with plant science to create an excellent hands-on learning experience for students.

Each student grows his own plant in the classroom. Each week as the plant grows students are engaged in different educational activities.

Since 2005 we have taught over 10,000 grade 2-4 students.

Plant Science


* Parts of a plant
* Plant life cycle
* Photosynthesis
* Anatomy of seed
* Journey of Seed


* Hypothesizing
* Measuring
* Recording
* Investigating


Beech Creek’s, Paul Carmichael, recorded an entire Musical CD of fun, educational songs. Students learn to sing-a-long and interact with the music with motions and rhythm instruments. Each classroom keeps the CD for continued review.


* Students read fun and creative plant stories.
* Students compose a story about their plant.


* Students draw their plant at different growth stages.
* Students learn about colors and shapes by utilizing their leaves in art projects.

UPSIDE Ohio is designed to be a twelve week program. During the first session the students plant seeds of native Ohio plants that take 12 weeks to grow them large enough to be sent home with students.

Executive Director Paul Carmichael teaching elementary children thru UPSIDE Ohio

Executive Director Paul Carmichael teaching elementary children thru UPSIDE Ohio

Initially developed for 2nd, 3rd and 4rth graders, the program has also successfully been used in a high school setting with students attending the Multi-County Attention Center.

Once the grant expired, Beech Creek Gardens continued to make the program available to local schools with the assistance of the Stark County Educational Service Center and the Science And Math on the Move Center through the 2009 Winter/Spring semester.

Beech Creek Gardens will continue to make the UPSIDE Ohio program available to local schools for a modest fee.  This fee covers the cost of supplies and the portable grow lab units.



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